Yajima String Works
Welcome to Yajima String Works. All of my guitars are handcrafted by myself in the USA, New York. I only make unique instruments which you can't find anywhere else. One of my goals is to make functional art objects. Although my instruments might look like expensive boutique guitars but they are not. I want my guitars to be used as musicians' real workhorse, rather than sitting in a nice glass case in a rich man's living room. A guitar is a reflection of it's player.  If you are playing an unusual guitar, you ARE unusual. If you are different from others, you came to the right place!

Artist/SNS influencer discount available. 
For price quote, custom order, or any other inquiries please contact me.

D Extension bass neck
Humidity controller for guitar cabinet
KISEKAE Virtual Guitar System
Relic/Aged finish
Guitar Bridge