The first guitar released by YSW is the TSUBASA, which debuted in 2002. This guitar was
designed by Katsumi Yajima and created with the specifications from a former luthier at
Fender Custom Shop, Brett Faust, who was in charge of designing tonal character.

The TSUBASA is entirely made as a custom guitar. You receive the support from master
builders at YSW to build a guitar with your unique specifications.

The Gun Head headstock is a YSW original.

The TUSBASA guitar has a WING piece attached to the body with bolts. The Wing part has
an important role in building this guitar.

The most interesting point about this guitar is that you can choose the best
combination of wood that you like or prefer. When Katsumi first showed me
the original design for the TSUBASA, I thought "Hey, this is really cool"
The bolt on Wing piece is a huge piece of wood!
The Wing piece has some important functions where it can cancel out dead point
of the guitar and fine tune the sound quality. For example, when you switch the neck
of a bolt-on guitar, there's a significant difference in sound. Likewise, the Wing piece
of the Tsubasa, functions in a similar way. It is a very large piece of wood, so when you
switch this Wing piece made from different wood, you will be sure to hear the difference
in tone and sound quality. In the beginning, we tested various wood pieces to hear how
it would sound. And now, we were able to find a setting for the TSUBASA with great
sound quality that we had in mind.

TSUBASA Sound Director
Brett Faust

Joe Becker's Interview:
Axe master player from the Chicago music scene


The spec list below is a general representation. The TSUBASA model is 100% custom guitar
so you can customize to any setting you prefer.

Model Name TSUBASA
Color/Finish Your choice
Body wood Mahogany
Neck wood Mahogany
Wing wood Mahogany, Ash, or Alder
Fingerboard Rosewood
# of Frets 22 frets
Pickups Voodoo pickups
Controls 1vol, 1tone, 1switch
Pickup wiring Your choice
Bridge Your choice
Tuners Your choice
Scale 24-3/4"
Place of production USA
Price start from $2000

Kisekae Virtual Guitar System


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