All Yajima String Works guitars come with a one year warranty.

*The warranty does not cover wear and tear(*1), routine maintenance(*2), or damages made by the customer. 
Fret wear, paint chips, rust etc..
Changing strings, trust rod adjustment, etc..

*The warranty is void if the guitar is modified by the customer in any way. 

*Subjective opinions of the guitar are not covered under warranty. For example, you might say the sound quality 
is too bright or too warm, or the comfort of the neck and its playability are not considered defects. 

*The guitar's condition based on the temperature fluctuations is also not covered under warranty. Please take
care of your guitar accordingly with the weather and temperatures in your area.

*If you are not the original owner of the guitar, your guitar is not covered under warranty.

Our Standard guitars come with a 48 hour "try-out" period, during which the guitar can be returned for a refund.
If there is a return, the guitar must be returned in perfect unused condition. Return must be authorized by Yajima 
String Works. Customers must pay for the shipping of the returned items. 
The TSUBASA and Axellsior are custom made for you. Therefore, we do not accept any returns unless there is an 
absolute difference in specifications or faulty workmanship.

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