The GS Edge represents quality guitars at affordable prices: built with
deep joint set-in neck, and mahogany wood.  An impressive guitar with quality fundamental specifications.


The neck has the shorter 24" inch scale for easier playability: particularly for those who have
smaller hands and women in general who have small hands.
(24-3/4" scale is also available)

The V Shape body is light weight and easy on the shoulders, especially for long live performances.

Deep Joint Set-in Neck.

The deep joint set neck is one of the best ways to attach the neck to the body. The sound
rings out with more intensity and longer sustain. It is a superior method of craftsmanship
which yields the sounds of vintage or high quality guitars. At YSW, we selected this method
of building guitars with quality craftsmanship at an affordable price.

The new 3x3 Headstock design

Mahogany Body & Maple Neck:

Although the sound of the guitar is based on many factors such as your hand, pickup or amp, the wood
used to make the guitar is the foundation of how the guitar will sound. Unlike the amp or pickup which
can be changed later, the wood selection to build a guitar is permanent. Even though the GS Edge is in
a price range that is affordable, it is built with a mahogany body and maple neck, commonly used to build
high quality guitars.

Leg Rest Wing (optional part):

The triangular shape rest wing piece is an optional part for playability while you are sitting. It functions
as a leg rest for comfort and easier playability. A very cool piece, especially for V shape guitars.

Available in:
Standard 1 piece wing
Custom 2 pieces wing (Made in USA)

Standard 1 piece wing

Custom 2 pieces wing (Made in USA)


Model Name GS-Edge
Color Black
See-Through Red

(Custom Colors available
Body wood Mahogany
Neck wood Maple
Fingerboard Rosewood
# of Frets 22 frets
Pickups Humbucker x 2
Controls 1vol, 1tone, 1switch
Scale 24"
Bridge TOM
Floyd Rose
Price ** Price in USA **

$650 - $699 (TOM model)

Purchasing one of the cases below
is required in order to ship out the guitar.

* Standard soft case : $25
* Standard hard case : $40
* Hardcase with Aluminum corners : $65

Optional Leg Rest Wing

* Standard 1pc : $40
* Custom 2pc (Made in USA) : $160

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