The YSW ACCU-TREM Guitar Tremolo Bridge uses the highest quality 
material with a patented super hard steel alloy bearing system to ensure 
excellent return to pitch accuracy, maximum tone, sustain and durability. 

Right side : Two balls support the post

A horizontal cylinder supports the left post. 
(NO knife edge is here)


The stainless steel "no wobble" vibrato arm gives the player a 
superb "feel" and years of reliable, trouble free service. 

You can adjust the rotation 
torque of the arm

The unit can be used as a replacement bridge for Fender American 
Stratocaster's routing configuration without any modification to the body.

Version without the cosmetic dimples is also available. 


String spacing : 2 1/16
Bridge plate : brass
Sustain block : zinc * 
Saddles : steel
Arm : stainless steel

Made in the USA.

All mechanical construction of the ACCU-TREM is Licensed by 
Hipshot Products.

Available in chrome, black and gold finishes.

* Since this unit uses more metal for the base plate ,
it does not require use of a heavy sustain block to get 
optimum balanced sound.

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